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by Frank Herbert

I’m not a sci-fi reader, but this was really good. It’s a deep read with many themes such as politics, religion, environmental issues, racism, among others. It’s a futuristic story set on an arid planet. It’s almost as though the author glimpsed into our present due to the themes and struggles presented throughout the novel.

Broken Horses
by Brandi Carlile

I have been a fan of Brandi Carlile for a long time, and this book was a really fascinating look into her upbringing and journey as an artist. I listened to the book on Audible and really encourage people to listen to the audiobook as each chapter contains exclusive recordings of Brandi singing her own songs and others that are mentioned in each chapter.

One Two Three
by Laurie Frankel

What a grim, humorous, and hopeful story about corporate greed, environmental activism, and relationships between parent and children and sisterly love and betrayal! Wow! 17 years ago, the imaginary town of Bourne was poisoned by a chemical leak form a local chemical plant owned by Belsum Chemical. The leak caused health issues, birth defects, and death. Now meet Nora, the activist mother of triplets: Mab (One), Monday (Two), and Mirabel (Three). Monday and Mirabel were both affected in utero by the chemical GL606. Thus begins the tale of how a dedicated mother and her three daughters interact with each other and other townspeople in their fight again the return of Belsum Chemical. This is a great story of a town's responsible not just with one generation but future generations. Per Mirabel, “It’s not our mother—our mothers, the last generation—who can fix this. They can’t. It is up to us now, the daughters, to move our town forward, to save us all, to tell a different story.”

Dolly Parton, Songteller
by Dolly Parton, Robert K. Oermann

This is what I was looking for...Dolly's voice! She is true to her background and faith and all the best in a society should be. Great read! Go Cards! L1C4!!

Christmas by the Book
by Anne Marie Ryan

Takes place in England

A dilly of a death
by Susan Whitting Albert

China is in a pickle! The pickle fest has been canceled due to a (gasp) murder! Does she have the dill to solve it? She’s going to need her brine to solve this mystery. Loved the pickle jokes and puns.

The Innkeeper's Sister
by Linda Goodnight

In this 3rd novel in the Honey Ridge trilogy, we finally get Valery's story. Grayson and his brother Devlin begin a renovation of the gristmill across the road from the Peach Orchard Inn where Valery and Grayson renew their friendship from years ago. Events are moving right along until a skeleton is discovered in the basement of the gristmill. This is where the historical portion of the novel begins. Goodnight takes the reader back to post-Civil War, mostly 1870's, when Benjamin Portland is a young man who sets out to find his childhood friend Tandy. What the reader really gets in this portion is Tandy's story and what a story it is...racism, murder, espionage! Overall, this is a great novel of healing and forgiveness, both of self and others.

Shadow And Light A Journey Into Advent
by Tish Oxenrider

We don’t celebrate advent in the sense of lightning candles, but this was a simple way to slow down at the end of day and focus on the real meaning of Christmas. We enjoyed the art work and music and the simple questions to reflect on.

Hanging Falls
by Margaret Mizushima

Love the Timber Creek k-9 mystery endings are always amazing

New Year's Kiss
by Lee Matthews

I didn't realize that this was a YA novel; perhaps my 16-y-o twin neighbors would have enjoyed it more than me. Oh, well!
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